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What is a computer?
A computer is a system of hardware and software (programs) that work together to perform tasks.
Hardware is the tangible parts of a computer while Software are programs or sets of instructions telling the a computer how to do particular tasks.

Basic parts of a computer
The computer's basic parts are the monitor, keyboard, system unit, mouse, printer. It can have other components like a modem, scanner, backup tools, video camcorder, speakers etc.

Starting a computer
To start a computer,
- Push the Power button on the computer.
- Push the Power button on the monitor.
- Wait for the system to finish off booting.

Types of software

-Operating System
Set of programs directing the operation of a computer's hardware and coordinates instructions between various applications e.g. Disk Operating System (DOS).

Collection of programs you use to direct your computer to perform something e.g. word processing, presentation, database, spreadsheets softwares.

Shutting down your computer
Click Start from windows task bar.
Click on "Shut Down".

Select 'Shut down' in the next message box and then OK.
Wait and turn off when a message appears "It's now safe to turn off your machine".

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