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Catalogue of small-scale food processing equipment

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Table of Contents

1. Food steaming/blanching machine

2. Coconut skin peeling machine

3. Fresh meat slicing machine

4. Wet soybean grinding machine

5. Coconut jelly disintegrating machine

6. Drum drying machine

7. Food mixing machine

8. Pork skin slicing machine

9. Coconut jelly dicing machine

10. Poultry defeathering machine

11. Cane sugar juice extraction machine

12. Scraped surface pan heating machine

13. Can sterilizing machine

14. Coconut milk extractor

15. Gas drying machine

16. Rubber sheet rolling machine

17. Energy - Conserving cooker

18. Harvesting machine for soybean

19. Cane planting machine

20. Dried leaf grinding machine

21. Jute stripping machine

22. Seed decorticator machine

23. Hammer mill

24. Food drying machine

25. Moulding machine

26. Crown sealing machine

27. Pulping machine

28. Grain cleaning machine

29. Grain rolling machine

30. Crown sealing machine

31. Filter heated coating machine

32. Grinding machine

33. Gas drying machine

34. Sausage roasting machine

35. Fishmeat bowl chopping machine

36. Ice confectionery freezing machine

37. Dried chilli roasting machine

38. Dessicated coconut shredding machine

39. Dessicated coconut shredding, machine

40. Food flour dough mixing machine

41. Powder tabletting machine

42. Coconut milk screw-type extraction machine

43. Curry paste grinding machine

44. Stainless food liquid storage tank

45. Seed roasting machine

46. Meat sausage stuffing machine

47. Wet rice stone grinding machine

48. Meat ball mixing machine

49. Village coconut shredding machine

50. Poultry roasting machine

51. Wet solids removal machine

52. Corn kernel deshelling machine

53. Corn harvesting machine

54. Shrimp seed distributing machine

55. Mushroom straw bed forming machine

56. Field fogging machine

57. Food multi - Drying machine

58. Caster oil seed decorticating machine

59. Shelling machine

60. Groundnut digging machine

61. Milling machine

62. Shelling machine

63. Shelling machine

64. Hot-air belt drying machine

65. Size grading machine

66. Wheat noodle sheeting/ cutting machine

67. Wood & leaf chipping machine

68. Coffee bean grinding machine

69. Plastic film heat sealing machine

70. Z-arm powdered food mixer

71. Fruit juice extraction machine

72. Food solar drying machine

73. Rice coating application machine

74. Water hyacinth chopping machine

75. Fruit size grading machine

76. Water chestnut peeling machine

77. Food paste mixing machine

78. Tamarind heat sterilizing machine

79. Mulberry leaf chopping machine

80. Fresh ginger soil cleaning machine

81. Groundnut coarse grinding machine

82. Decorticating machine

83. Four wheel mini - Tractor

84. Paddy rice threshing machine