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CLOSE THIS BOOKSurface Water Drainage for Low-Income Communities (UNEP - WHO, 1991, 98 p.)
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1. Surface water drainage in urban areas
2. Drainage options
3. Rehabilitation and maintenance
4. Community participation
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VIEW THE DOCUMENTAnnex 4. Resources for the orientation of the drainage committee
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For many low-income communities, lack of an adequate drainage system for surface water is a serious problem, leading to frequent flooding, land erosion, and increased transmission of a number of diseases. This publication describes how such communities can take action themselves to construct a simple, effective, low-cost drainage system or to rehabilitate an existing system that has fallen into disrepair. It gives practical guidance on the design and construction of drainage channels, and on ways of coping with specific problem areas such as steep slopes and low-lying flat terrain. Throughout the book, emphasis is placed on the importance of community participation at all stages of the project, from planning through implementation, and particularly in maintaining the system once it is built. Written in nontechnical language and copiously illustrated, this book will be invaluable to local authorities and community groups, as well as planners and public works officials in developing countries.

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