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CLOSE THIS BOOKMaking of Floors - Course: Timberwork techniques. Trainees' handbook of lessons (Institut für Berufliche Entwicklung, 11 p.)
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VIEW THE DOCUMENT1. Task and Quality of Wooden Floors
VIEW THE DOCUMENT2. Constructive Connections of Surfaced Boards
VIEW THE DOCUMENT3. Nailing of Surfaced Boards
VIEW THE DOCUMENT4. Tools and Equipment for Laying Surfaced Boards
VIEW THE DOCUMENT5. Preparations for Laying Surfaced Boards
VIEW THE DOCUMENT6. Laying of Surfaced Boards
VIEW THE DOCUMENT7. Fixing the Skirting Boards

5. Preparations for Laying Surfaced Boards

The beam systems must be prepared in such way that their surface is plane and horizontal and completely levelled before the boards are laid.

Figure 8

If supporting laths are placed on solid floors, strips of bituminous felt are laid under the laths for protection against moisture.

The supporting laths, too, are laid horizontally. Here, adjustment is achieved by putting short pieces of planks, bituminous felt or other suitable material under them. These backings are closely spaced and across the supporting laths in order to avoid that the laths deflect. Before being laid the supporting laths must be impregnated with a timber preservative for protection against rot.

What has to be considered, if boarding shall be laid on an already existing old layer of beams?



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