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VITA                        TECHNICAL BULLETIN                       51058-BK
                           CHRIS AHRENS' GREENHOUSE
                                by Chris Ahrens
               (Illustrated by George R. Clark, VITA Volunteer)
This prefabricated greenhouse can be added to the south side of

cas10.gif (600x600)

an existing house for under $225.
Sides and top roof sections are prefabricated sandwich sections
6" thick, well insulated using an exterior plywood or
"Homosote" paperboard facing.
The 4' X 8' clear panels are covered on both sides with #6S
greenhouse polyethylene on a 1" X 2" frame. A light, drop blind
of framed styrofoam panels can be added to cover the clear
panels when the sun is not shining for additional insulation.
All joints between panels should be caulked or sealed with tape
to provide as waterproof a joint as possible.
Reflective side of the fiberglass insulation should be to the
interior to provide additional light to the plants. Storage
cans of water or rock/bricks painted dull black will provide
additional heat storage for sunless periods.
                                           Revised August 1981
                                            ISBN 0-86619-136-4
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                 This Technical Bulletin is one of a series of
                 publications that offer do-it-yourself technology
                 information on a wide variety of subjects.
                 Technical Bulletins are idea generators, intended
                 not so much to provide a definitive answer as to
                 guide the user's thinking and planning. Premises
                 are sound and testing results are provided, if
                 Users of the information are asked to send us their
                 evaluations and comments based on their experiences.
                 Results are incorporated into subsequent
                 editions, thus providing additional guidelines for
                 adaptation and use in a greater variety of conditions.
                             INFORMATION RESOURCES
An Attached Solar Greenhouse. William F. Yanda and Susan B.
   Yanda; The Lightening Tree, PO Box 1837, Santa Fe, New
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   (written in English and Spanish).
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   February/March 1979. The entire issue is devoted to solar
   greenhouses; includes "Cold Springs Attached Greenhouse,"
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   Features five articles on attached greenhouses.
Watt, C. "Building an Attached Solar Greenhouse." Gardening and
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                 organization. Started in 1959 by a
                 group of concerned scientists and engineers,
                 VITA maintains an extensive documentation
                 center and worldwide roster of volunteer
                 technical experts. VITA makes available to
                 individuals and groups in developing countries
                 a variety of information and technical
                 resources aimed at fostering self-sufficiency--needs
                 assessment and program development
                 support; by-mail and on-site consulting
                 services; information systems training. It
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                 variety of technical manuals and bulletins.
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