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Small-scale food processing - A guide for appropriate equipment

Table of Contents

Edited and introduced by Peter Fellows and Ann Hampton


in association with CTA · 1992

Published by Intermediate Technology Publications
103-105 Southampton Row, London WC1B 4HH, UK.

© Intermediate Technology Publications 1992

ISBN 1 85339 108 5

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Typeset by Inforum, Rowlands Castle, Hampshire
Printed by SRP Exeter

This book can be presented on the INPhO website with the kind permission of Intermediate Technology Publications as the publishers of the book.

Currently Intermediate Technology Publications is preparing a new edition of Small-scale Food Processing, to be published in 2000.

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Table of Contents



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Part one: Food processes

1. Fruit and vegetable products

Nutritional significance
Jams, jellies, marmalades and fruit cheeses
Chutney, pickles, and sauces
Dried fruit and vegetables
Processing notes
Suitability for small-scale production

2. Cereal and pulse-based products

Nutritional significance
The suitability for small-scale production

3. Baked goods

Nutritional significance
Packaging and storage
Suitability for small-scale production

4. Snack foods

Nutritional significance
Packaging and storage
Suitability for small-scale production

5. Honey, syrups and treacle

Nutritional significance
Suitability for small-scale production

6. Sugar confectionery

Nutritional significance
Principles of sugar confectionery production
Suitability for small-scale production

7. Beverages

Nutritional significance
Suitability for small-scale production

8. Vegetables

Nutritional significance
Packaging and storage
Suitability for small-scale production

9. Milk and milk products

Nutritional significance
Standard testing procedures
Separation of milk components
Cultured/fermented dairy products
Suitability for small-scale production

10. Meat and meat products

Nutritional significance
Meat processing
Suitability for small-scale production

11. Fish and fish products

The nutritional significance in the diet
Suitability for small-scale production

12. Packaging

Functions of packaging
Constraints on adequate packaging
Packaging materials
Properties of packaging materials

Part two: Directory

Directory of equipment

01.0 - 25.0

01.0 Steam blanchers
02.0 Bottle washing equipment
03.0 Brewing equipment
04.0 Butter pats
05.0 Canning equipment
06.0 Carbonating equipment
07.0 Centrifuges
08.0 Cheese cloths
09.0 Cheese moulds/presses and kits
10.0 Cheese vats
11.0 Chocolate conches
12.0 Choppers
13.0 Butter churns
14.0 Cleaners
15.0 Cold storage
16.0 Curd making equipment
17.0 Cutting, slicing and dicing equipment
18.0 Decorating equipment
19.0 Decorticators
20.0 Depositors
21.0 De-stoners
22.0 Distillation equipment
23.0 Dryers
24.0 Enrobers
25.0 Evaporators

26.0 - 50.0

26.0 Expellers
27.0 Extruding machines
28.0 Filling machines
29.0 Filters, sieves and strainers
30.0 Flaking and splitting machines
31.0 Flow meters
32.0 Freezers
33.0 Fryers
34.0 Grating equipment
35.0 Grills
36.0 Heaters and hotplates
37.0 Homogenizers
38.0 Ice cream making equipment
39.0 Incubators
40.0 Labelling machines
41.0 Mills and grinders
42.0 Mincers
43.0 Mixers
44.0 Moisture analysers
45.0 Moulds and baking tins
46.0 Ovens
47.0 Packaging equipment
48.0 Pans and kettles
49.0 Pasta machines
50.0 Pasteurizers

51.0 - 68.0

51.0 Peeling equipment
52.0 pH meters
53.0 Presses
54.0 Puffing machines
55.0 Pulpers and juicers
56.0 Refractometers
57.0 RH meters
58.0 Roasting equipment
59.0 Rolling equipment
60.0 Smoking equipment
61.0 Sorting equipment
62.0 Storage equipment
63.0 Temperature measurement equipment
64.0 Testing, weighing and measuring equipment
65.0 Threshers
66.0 Water treatment equipment
67.0 Winnowers
68.0 Miscellaneous equipment

Index of manufacturers