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Pesticide safety for farmworkers - Uso seguro de pesticidas para los trabajadores del campo

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Peace Corps
Information Collection & Exchange

United States
Environmental Protection Agency

Office of Pesticide
Programs (TS-766C)
Washington DC 20460

April 1985


Reprinted with Permission by Peace Corps
Information Collection & Exchange
August 1994


Peace Corps' Information Collection & Exchange (ICE) was established so that the strategies and technologies developed by Peace Corps Volunteers, their co-workers, and their counterparts could be made available to the wide range of development organizations and individual workers who might find them useful. Training guides, curricula, lesson plans, project reports, manuals and other Peace Corps-generated materials developed in the field are collected and reviewed. Some are reprinted "as is"; others provide a source of field based information for the production of manuals or for research in particular program areas. Materials that you submit to the Information Collection & Exchange thus become part of the Peace Corps' larger contribution to development.

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Add your experience to the ICE Resource Center. Send materials that you've prepared so that we can share them with others working in the development field. Your technical insights serve as the basis for the generation of ICE manuals, reprints and resource packets, and also ensure that ICE is providing the most updated, innovative problem-solving techniques and information available to you and your fellow development workers.

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Signs and symptoms of pesticide poisoning
Señales de envenenamiento con pesticidas

Very serious symptoms
Sintomas peligrosos

First aid: What to do in case of an accident
Primeros auxilios: Que puede hacer en caso de un accidente


Work clothes
Ropa de trabajo

Do's: Safe pesticide practices
Haga lo siguiente

Dont's: Unsafe pesticide practices
No haga esto

The label
La etiqueta

Re-entry period
El tiempo de reingreso

Worker protection standards
Las reglas para la protección de todos los trabajadores