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CLOSE THIS BOOKStraightening - Course: Technique of working sheet metals, pipes and sections. Trainees' handbook of lessons (Institut für Berufliche Entwicklung, 16 p.)
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VIEW THE DOCUMENTPreliminary Remarks
VIEW THE DOCUMENTHints on Labour Safety
VIEW THE DOCUMENT1. Purpose of Straightening
VIEW THE DOCUMENT2. Tools, Devices and Auxiliary Means
VIEW THE DOCUMENT3. Processes within the Material
VIEW THE DOCUMENT4. Techniques of Straightening

Hints on Labour Safety

Generally, the same labour safe regulations apply to the straightening techniques as to the techniques of hammering and bending.

Special attention has to be paid to the following points:

- Do only use hammers that are provided with tightly fitting handles - the handle of the hammer must be firmly wedged with the hammer head.

- Choose the right support for hammering - a hard and rigid support is required.

- Workpieces that have to be clamped must be clamped firmly in the clamping devices, so that the hammer blows cannot tear them away.

- When working with presses make sure that your hands and head are protected.

- Working with welding torches is allowed only after previous instructions given by the instructor.

- Always pay attention to fire protection - place water ready for fire fighting; do not work near inflammable materials.