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CLOSE THIS BOOKGrinding of Simple Tools - Course: Technique for manual working of materials. Instruction examples for practical vocational training (Institut für Berufliche Entwicklung, 23 p.)
VIEW THE DOCUMENT(introduction...)
VIEW THE DOCUMENTInstruction example 12.1. Centre punch and scribing punch
VIEW THE DOCUMENTInstruction example 12.2. Steel scriber
VIEW THE DOCUMENTInstruction example 12.3. Screw driver
VIEW THE DOCUMENTInstruction example 12.4. Flat chisel and cape chisel
VIEW THE DOCUMENTInstruction example 12.5. Drill with standard drill point as well as flat drill point and centre point

Instruction example 12.5. Drill with standard drill point as well as flat drill point and centre point

Exercising of sharpening of drills in the most used types of drill point grinding


worn-out drills
diameter: 4 to 12 mm


Working Tools

Measuring and testing tools

Grinding gage or protractor


Coolant (water)

Required previous knowledge

Reading of the drawings, measuring, testing, drilling

Sequence of operations


1. Arrange workplace prepare working material

- Check for completeness

2. Lay the drill with the standard drill point (1) between thumb and forefinger (left hand) and advance the drill with the right hand towards the grinding wheel so that the main cutting edge lies horizontally and the drill itself exactly horizontally. The setting angle is about 56° from the left-hand side

3. Press the drill slightly against the wheel and push it towards above and at the same time slightly to the right-hand side -at the top take it off

- Grind both cutting edges uniformly (alternately) - and cool!

4. Check for grinding faults as well as for adherence to the angles given

5. Take the drill with the flat drill point and centre point (2) as described above and press it with the main cutting edge exactly vertically against the horizontally lying grinding wheel, in doing so, the centre point must project at the right-hand grinding wheel edge!

6. Push the drill with a slight pressure in vertical direction towards above, at the top take it off

- Cool!
Grind uniformly at both sides!

7. The centre point is sharpened by lateral grinding at the right-hand grinding wheel edge

8. Checking for grinding faults



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