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Phytosanitary procedures to be adopted for maize and other food-aid hipments to reduce the risks of insect infestation and damage

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Prepared by R. W. D. Taylor and M. T. Locke in the framework of the project 'Improving the Phytosanitary Conditions in Eastern and Southern African Areas at Risk from the Larger Grain Borer' financed by the European Community and executed by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

Rome, 1996

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Infestation and damage in grain. Pulses, and processed products

Plant importation licences and phytosanitary certificates

Importation of food grains

Pest control techniques for phytosanitary treatments

Potential for infestation in food grain shipments

Is control of pests always necessary ?

Factors affecting fumigation efficiency

Factors affecting fumigation of grain

Situations in which fumigation of grain is likely to be carried out

Main considerations for donor organisations in reducing the risk of insect infestation in maize and other food-aid commodities

Is the ship fit to carry grain ?