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Packaging for fruits, vegetables and root crops

by Cornelis C.M Schuur

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Bridgetown, BARBADOS
September 1988


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1. Introduction

2. Packaging and post-harvest losses

2.1. Direct causes of post-harvest losses

2.1.1. Mechanical injuries
2.1.2. Physical and environmental factors
2.1.3. Biological and microbiological losses
2.1.4. (Bio-)chemical and physiological losses

2.2. Indirect causes of post-harvest losses

3. Characteristics of packaging

4. Classification and designs for packaging

4.1. Sacks and nets
4.2. Wooden crates
4.3. Fibreboard boxes
4.4. Plastic crates
4.5. Pallet boxes

5. Unitisation and standardisation

5.1. Pallets and containers
5.2. Standards for packages

6. Cost calculation

7. Which type of packaging to use?

8. Labelling of packages

9. Retail packaging

10. Instruction sheet

10.1 instruction sheet 1: standardisation and unitisation
10.2 instruction sheet 2: cost calculation packaging
10.3 instruction sheet 3: choice of packaging

11. Annexes