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Inventory credit - An approach to developing agricultural markets

by Jonathan Coulter
Natural Resources Institute and
Andrew W. Shepherd


Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations - Rome, 1995

Table of contents

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Section 1 - Why it is important to improve trade financing
Section 2 - How can inventory credit be implemented?
Section 3 - Key requirements for successful implementation
Section 4 - The need for an appropriate political and economic environment
Section 5 - Who can benefit from inventory credit?
Section 6 - Risks with inventory credit and how to manage them
Section 7 - Making use of existing public storage capacity
Section 8 - Quality control
Section 9 - Future developments which could be based on inventory credit
Case Study 1 - Quedan programme for paddy marketing credit in the Philippines
Case Study 2 - Agricultural marketing credit in India
Case Study 3 - Financing trade and storage in Mali
Case Study 4 - "Action-research" on trade financing in Ghana
Case Study 5 - Technoserve's experience with inventory credit for farmers in Ghana
Annex 1 - Inter-seasonal variability in grain prices: African evidence
Annex 2 - Legal issues
Annex 3 - Specimen collateral management agreement
Annex 4 - Specimen warehouse receipt