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Long-term hermetic storage of barley in PVC-covered concrete platforms under Mediterranean conditions

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Reprinted from
Postharvest Biology and Technology
An International Journal

Postharvest Biology and Technology 6 (1995) 177-186

Long-term hermetic storage of barley in PVC-covered concrete platforms under Mediterranean conditions

A. Varnava a, S. Navarro b, E. Donahaye b,*

a Inspection Department, Cyprus Grain Commission, Nicosia, Cyprus

b Stored Products Department, Agricultural Research Organization, The Volcani Center, PO. Box 6, 50250 Bet Dagan, Israel

* Corresponding author. Fax: 972 3 968-3659.

Accepted 25 August 1994


The document was provided to INPhO in order to be included into INPhO by the Cyprus Grain Commission.
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SSDI 0925-5214(94)00037-9

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Table of Contents


1. Introduction

2. Materials and methods

3. Results and discussion

4. Conclusions



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