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South Pacific Commission - Community Health Services - SOUTH PACIFIC FOODS

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

Leaflet No. 1 - Revised 1992 - Taro

Nutritional value
Storage and preservation
Cooking taro

Leaflet No. 2 - Revised 1992 - Pawpaw

Preparation and preservation

Leaflet No. 3 - Revised 1992 - Mango

A favourite fruit
A health and protective food
A food for babies
A variety of uses

Leaflet No. 4 - Revised 1995 - Guava

A nutritious tropical fruit
Two kinds of guavas
A source of Vitamin C and fibre
Guava juice - A Pacific treat
A quality fruit

Leaflet No. 5 - Revised 1995 - Cassava

Cassava - A popular plant
An easy crop
An energy food
Storage and preservation

Leaflet No. 6 - Revised 1995 - Green leaves

Nutritious Pacific plants
Quality foods for everyone
Green leaves for special needs
Plain or fancy preparation?
Some green leaves of the Pacific

Leaflet No. 7 - 1983 - Banana

A tropical treat
Two kinds of bananas
Energy in two forms
A weaning food
Using bananas
Preparation and preservation

Leaflet No. 8 - 1983 - Coconut

An island food
Coconut trees: Nut bearing palms
Food value
Non food uses
Coconut foods
Preparation and preservation

Leaflet No. 9 - 1983 - Breadfruit

A food for all seasons
A tree requiring little care
Energy and fibre
Using breadfruit

Leaflet No. 10 - 1986 - Pineapple

Delicious and refreshing
Grown from suckers or tops
Fibre for fitness
A useful fruit
Preparation and serving

Leaflet No. 11 - 1986 - Citrus fruits

Fruits with flavour
A large variety
Local fruits are best
Preparation and uses
Storage and preservation

Leaflet No. 12 - 1986 - Pumpkin

A valuable food
An easily grown plant
Health giving
Preparation and cooking
Storage and preservation

Leaflet No. 13 - 1990 - Sweet Potato

A store of goodness
Easy to grow
Good food for everyone
Green leaves for health

Leaflet No. 14 - 1990 - Yam

A status food
Careful cultivation
Yam storage
An energy food

Leaflet No. 15 - 1991 - Nuts and Seeds

A variety of tastes and uses
Easy to grow
Some edible nuts and seeds found in the Pacific
Tasty and healthy snacks for everyone
Preparation and preservation
Peanuts must be cooked

Leaflet No. 16 - 1991 - Legumes

Exciting new foods
Improve your land
Cheap body-building food
Good sources of vitamins, minerals and fibre

Leaflet No. 17 - 1992 - Fish

Food for life
Fish variety
A popular activity
A quality food
Fish selection

Leaflet No. 18 - 1992 - Seafoods

Riches from the sea
Seafood variety
Look after our seafoods
Seafood collection
Seafoods for health
Buying seafoods
Preparing and cooking seafoods