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Traditional procedures and methods of storage protection

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A GTZ contribution to integrated post-harvest protection

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Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH
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Project: ,,Post-Harvest Protection for Smallholders"

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Project: "Integrated Control of the Larger Grain Borer and Associated Insect Pests in Farmers' Stores"
Albert Bell, Project Coordinator

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Carolin Bothe (GTZ), Eschborn

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1 Sun drying

2 Drying above the fire-place and fumigation

3 Airtight storage

4 Substances of plant origin

4.1 Parts of green plants and powders
4.2 Powders from lignified plant parts
4.3 Powders from flowers, fruits or grains
4.4 Water extracts of plants
4.5 Vegetable oils

5 Mineral substances

6 Substances of animal origin