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Poverty Elimination and the Empowerment of Women, 2000, 51 p.

Table of Contents

Strategies for achieving the international development targets

DFID - Department for International Development

Cover photographs: Panos Picture, Tropix, Minoli

Table of Contents

The international development targets

Department for International Development

Foreword by the Secretary of State

Executive Summary

1. Introduction

Women's empowerment and the elimination of world poverty
The international development targets
Sex and gender
Women's empowerment, equality and equity

2. The challenge

Gender inequality, poverty, and human development
Key areas of inequality

Economic development and livelihood security
Human development
Personal security and violence against women
Basic services and infrastructure
Women and the environment
Empowerment and political representation
Diversity and the life-cycle
Rights of the child
Men, masculinities and power
Social attitudes and gender stereotyping

3. Experience to date

The international framework
Lessons from international experience
Lessons from donor experience

4. Meeting the challenge

Opportunities, constraints and the way forward
Key actors

Civil society
Private sector

5. Priorities for DFID

Progress so far
Purpose of the strategy
Specific objectives
Setting priorities
Channels for action

6. Monitoring progress

Annex: Global and regional indicators of development progress for the international development targets

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