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Learning Opportunities for All - A Policy Framework for Education, 1999, 56 p.

Table of Contents

DFID - Department for International Development

Table of Contents




Executive summary


Principles to Guide Action

Education for the Elimination of Poverty
Better Education for Poor People
Education: A Human Right
Education for Human Development
Partnerships in Support of Education
Long-term Support for Major International Education Goals

Challenge and Opportunities

The Challenge of Universal Primary Education
The Challenge of Gender Equality in School Education
The Challenge of Literacy
The Challenge of Skills and Knowledge for Sustainable Livelihoods

Skills Development and Knowledge Creation
Secondary and Higher Education

Constraints to Meeting the Challenges

Goals and Outcomes

A Framework for Action
Effective and Equitable UPE

Overcoming Barriers to Access
Supporting Children to Complete a Full Cycle of Basic Education
Improving the Quality of Schooling

Assessment and Evaluation
Whole School Development
Language for Learning
Teaching and Learning Materials
The Learning Environment
Community Partnership

Equity for All Children
Placing UPE within the Wider Education Sector

Gender Equality in School Education
Literacy and Skills Development

Practical Skills for Sustainable Livelihoods

Knowledge and Skills for Development in a Global World

Information Communications Technology (ICT)
Support for Knowledge Based Links and Programmes

Sustainable, Well-Managed, Education Institutions, Systems and Partnerships

Sector Wide Approaches
Institutional Capacity Development for Effective Sector Reform

Ways of Working

Educational: A Collective Endeavour
Influencing and Sustaining International
Generating and Applying Knowledge
Evaluation and Performance Measurement
Creative Use of Expertise