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Improving the Quality of Teaching and Learning through Community Participation: Achievements, Limitations and Risks. Early Lessons from the Schooling Improvement Fund in Ghana, 1998, 38 p.

Table of Contents

Ann Condy

July 1998

Social Development Working Paper No. 2

ISSN: 1462-8651
ISBN: 1 86192 052 0

The aim of the Working Paper series is to generate knowledge on social development that is pertinent to DFID's goal of eliminating world poverty. It is hoped that the series will provoke new thought and discussion on issues of policy and practice rather than simply reflecting established ideas and positions.

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Table of Contents



1. Introduction

2. The SIF in Ghana - project design and process

The SIF and community participation
Design limitations on extent of participatory activities

2. Community empowerment and ownership


Power and influence
Administrative and management skills

3. Limits to community empowerment as a means of improving quality of teaching and learning

4 Relationship between NGO and local institutions and education authorities

Community level
District level

5. Links between community governance and quality, and access to education

Quality and access; community participation and access
Poverty and access

6 Conclusions and recommendations

Annex 1. Background to community participation in education in Ghana