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Gender and school achievement in the Caribbean - Education Research Paper No. 21, 1997, 126 p.

Table of Contents


Dr Peter Kutnick,
Roehampton Institute London

Mrs Vena Jules,
University of the West Indies at Trinidad Dr Anthony Layne, University of the West Indies at Barbados

November 1997

Serial No. 21
ISBN: 1 86192 080 6

Department For International Development

Table of Contents

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1. Introduction

2. Secondary school classrooms in Trinidad

3. Primary school classrooms in Trinidad

4. Barbados study: Quantitative survey and case studies

4.1 The quantitative survey background:
4.2 Barbados case study: Harbour, 6th form co-educational secondary school
4.3 Barbados case study: South, single sex, female-only (newer, non-sixth form) secondary school

5. St Vincent: Quantitative survey

6. Summary of the studies

7. References