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Labour market signals & indicators - Education Research Paper No. 15, 1996, 107 p.

Table of Contents

L Gray, A M Warrender, P Davies, G Hurley, C Manton

Serial No. 15
ISBN: 0 902500 70 8

Overseas Development Administration

Table of Contents

Overseas Development Administration - Education papers


Executive summary

Chapter 1: Introduction


Chapter 2: Review of recent research literature

Chapter 3: The case studies: Selection criteria and methods employed

Chapter 4: The four case studies

A: Labour market analysis in Bangladesh

Economic background
Labour market information
Vocational and technical education
Employers and employer organisations
The applications of LMI
Improving the responsiveness of TVET

B: Labour market analysis in Costa Rica

The economy
The labour market
The ministry of education
Other ministries
The camaras
The employers
Labour market information: Some conclusions
Data collection
Analysing and utilising data
Training needs

C: Labour market analysis in Zimbabwe

The economy
Economic Structural Adjustment Programme (ESAP)
Labour market information
Vocational and technical education
Applications of LMI

D: Kingdom of Cambodia - A unique opportunity to create a tailor-made LMI system

Current status of human resources development
Key issues
Government policies and plans
Putting an integrated LMIS in place
The first steps

Chapter 5: Key findings from the case studies

Why is LMI collected?
What LMI is collected?
Who collects LMI?
What techniques are used for LMI collection and analysis?
Who uses LMI?
Who benefits from LMI?
What are the costs of LMI collection and analysis?
What are the training needs of collectors and users of LMI?
How is the LMI system currently being improved?

Chapter 6: Main lessons from the research

Technical problems
Political and structural problems
A framework for a labour market information system
Promoting the use of labour market signals and indicators

Chapter 7: Conclusions

LMI interventions within decentralised systems
LMI interventions within centrally managed systems


Appendix one: United Kingdom experiences

Appendix two: Interview framework

Appendix three: An example of a labour market information schedule

Appendix four: The Bangladesh education system