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Education and development the issues and the evidence - Education Research Paper No. 06, 1993, 61 p.

Table of Contents


Keith M. Lewin
Centre for International Education University of Sussex

July 1993 (Reprinted July 1997)

Serial No. 6
ISBN: 0 902500 66 X

Department For International Development

Table of Contents

Department for International Development - Education papers


1. Education and development - Defining the issues

1.1 Context
1.2 Recession, debt and structural adjustment
1.3 Population growth and demographic change.

1.3.1 Population growth
1.3.2 Fertility and health
1.3.3 Increasing HIV infection
1.3.4 Urbanisation
1.3.5 Displaced populations and refugees

1.4 Scientific and technological change
1.5 Environmental degradation
1.6 Good government and human rights.
1.7 The education of girls and women

2. An analysis of research evidence on education and development

2.1 Education and economic development

2.1.2 Education and productivity
2.1.3 Educational investment and externalities
2.1.4 Education, equity and income distribution
2.1.5 Concluding remark

2.2 School achievement, the IEA data and effective schools studies

2.2.1 School achievement studies
2.2.2 Recent methodological developments
2.2.3 Some results from the IEA science studies
2.2.4 A note on the effective schools literature

2.3 Technical and vocational education

2.3.1 Rationales
2.3.2 Approaches
2.3.3 Purposes
2.3.4 Cost effectiveness
2.3.5 Some conclusions

2.4 The balance of investment between educational levels
2.5 Private expenditures and cost recovery

2.5.1 Private financing
2.5.2 Cost recovery and user fees
2.5.3 Loans
2.5.4 Some conclusions

2.6 Organisational reforms, assessment and alternative delivery systems

2.6.1 Organisational issues
2.6.2 Achievement and automatic promotion
2.6.3 Assessment and examinations
2.6.4 Alternative delivery strategies

2.7 Literacy

2.7.1 Definitional issues
2.7.2 Literacy and development
2.7.3 Literacy and language
2.7.4 Strategies to promote literacy
2.7.5 Concluding remarks.

3. Postscript

4. Bibliography

Appendix extracts from synthetic reviews

A. Summary: school factors and achievement in the developing world
B: General education and development research review