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Reducing the cost of technical and vocational education - Education Research Paper No. 03, 1993, 32 p.

Table of Contents

Lynton Gray
Mick Fletcher
Pablo Foster
Margaret King
Ann-Marie Warrender

Serial No. 3
ISBN: 0 90250 063 5
This is a 1998 reprint of a paper originally issued in 1993

Department For International Development


This is one of a series of Education Papers issued from time to time by the Education Division of the Department For International Development. Each paper represents a study or piece of commissioned research on some aspect of education and training in developing countries. Most of the studies were undertaken in order to provide informed judgements from which policy decisions could be drawn, but in each case it has become apparent that the material produced would be of interest to a wider audience, particularly but not exclusively to those whose work focuses on developing countries.

Each paper is numbered serially, and further copies can be obtained through the DFID's Education Division, 94 Victoria Street, London SW1E 5JL, subject to availability. A full list appears overleaf.

Although these papers are issued by the DFID, the views expressed in them are entirely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the DFID's own policies or views. Any discussion of their content should therefore be addressed to the authors and not to the DFID.

Table of Contents

List of other DFID education papers available in this series


Part A: The published evidence

Project preparation
Project organisation
Project methods
Project content
Project impact
Project sustainability

Part B: Donor agencies and their customers

Underpinning aspects of primary and secondary education
Innovative curriculum strategies
Substitute training technologies
Improving needs analysis and target-setting
Needs analyses using employer, community and trainee perceptions
Donor agency strategies for assessing system needs and agreeing intervention strategies
Assessing the capacity of existing training institutions
More intensive uses of facilities and equipment
Strengths and weaknesses of centralised workshops
Recurrent support for workshops, training centres and maintenance infrastructures
Linking with non-formal training and apprenticeship systems
Improving links with local industry: The formal sector

Part C: Conclusions: Reducing the costs of vocational and technical education

Appendix one: Documentary sources, including references

Appendix two: Institutions visited