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A collection of material searched around mid-2002

ECOZEN.HTM - product range of indian manufacturer
INDIA.HTM - description of program based around products from Rashron India
PPGMAN.PDF - Rashron India brochure
HOMEPWR.PDF - catalog of publications about USA-based and oriented home power production
PG.HTM - description of 4-5 equipment and programs, some USA, some India etc based

Some investigation was done by Alex Weir on suitable automotive (car) generator for use with 4-man pedal system. The Bosch 9 120 690 170 - a 55 amp alternator-generator appears suitable. Driving speed would have to be approx 3500 rpm, which is attainable by using 60 rpm drive through bicycle sprockets to a 200 rpm payshaft with a 600 mm diameter driver pulley and 'eaton vee belting' hollow flexible plastic belt drive to a 35mm wooden or similar pulley.

BOSCH1.PDF - peformance data sheet 1
BOSCH2.PDF - peformance data sheet 1

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