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Biogas plants constitute a widely disseminated branch of technology that came into use more than 30 years ago in developing countries. There are hundreds of thousands of simple biogas plants now in operation, and each one of them helps to improve the living conditions of people in rural areas. Biogas systems are an efficient way of dealing with organic waste, dung and crop residues while making optimal use of their energetic as well as nutrient content.

In addition to generating renewable energy, biogas systems help to stimulate ecologically beneficial closed-loop systems in the agricultural sector while improving soil quality and promoting progress in animal husbandry and farming.

While the main focus is on biogas systems of simple design, the technology is nonetheless complex enough to warrant close attention to its proper application, planning and construction. Only a well-planned, carefully constructed and properly functioning biogas system will fulfill its purpose of improving living conditions in rural areas.

You will find useful and detailed information about all aspects of biogas plant design and maintainance, biogas appliances, social, political, economic and ecological framework conditions, planning and dissemination of biogas systems and last but not least country- and project-specific information.